ARTS3091, week8

Framing refers to a set of concepts and theoretical perspectives on how individuals and societies perceive, feel and sense the world – frameworks of perception/thinking/feeling. Further, Andrew mentions what we are likely to think, feel and do is all heavily framed by the media such as newspaper, television, online and even course outline as framing our thinking, feeling and doing. Indeed, this means of communication/mass media provides a certain frame to think and also heavily influences on our behaviors. For an example, online news displays certain or a framed news articles to read and I tend to believe what I have read from the articles. Sometimes, it is hard to think outside the box or consume outside of frames because it has already framed. Undoubtedly, media becomes much powerful and dominates its power yet this framing does not always work perfectly or all the time. as advancement of technologies influence on cultural/social change, a line that cuts across other line perhaps across entire fields – bringing the fields together in a way, creating fields as something else (Murphie 2006). It moves/connects dramatically across/through and blurs the boundaries between frames – framing and transversality are closely intertwined.

Transversality can be described as moves/connects, dramatically across/through between frames. Simply, it transforms and brings a certain frame together into a new or in an event. In particular, media, journalism and education are all heavily influenced by media’s powerful framings and transversals. Accordingly, much of media change and cultural/social change can be seen in these industries.

Here, music industry will explain an example for concept of transversality. Music listeners used to listen to the song by purchasing actual copy of music CD and DVD before when internet and apps penetrate. Whereas now, the emergence of new frame form of iTunes, Spotify and music sharing sties reframe the way that it crosses medium due to technological advances of music production. Indeed, music industry has changed due to the fact and has become more transversal as in making music and distributing. As transversality in music industry enables us to enjoy, there is raising issue of piracy on the other hand. Due to media technologies, anyone can download music easily through P2P sharing sites.

Some might say are industries aspects of society “dying” or are they more alive than before. I think it allows industry to be more alive yet there is still piracy issue but because of media technology, people can create/make music, distribute and share it through such SoundCloud. Additionally, media transversality also influences on journalism and education industries. Traditionally, we can only access news through newspaper, radio or television where now, digital version of journalism crosses different fields bring the fields together images, videos and text – transversals between newspaper and blogs/other sites. Similar to music industry, it causes the quality of news because professional “bloggers” are unlikely to concern with its facts and resources.

Education has become more technical and has given more opportunities of learning such as moodle, wordpress and online courses. Compared to traditional classroom and online courses, online media increases the interaction between students and teachers through video lecture or podcast, etc in general. I can also learn or pick up new things through YouTube and TED watching online education.

There is no such a one single media frame, all frame work together combining with different fields. Frames and transversality will always influence on shaping our thinking, feeling and doing accordingly.




Murphie, A 2006 ‘Editorial’, the Fibreculture Journal, viewed on , accessed at <>.


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