ARTS3091, week6

Data, it shapes and determines our pattern and behavior of lifestyle such as social relations, consumption, education, entertainment, etc (Quilty-Harper 2010). Indeed, it becomes more important than before and our life cannot be apart from the data. As the era of big data has come, user can simply gather and process his/her personal information with an advancement of technologies. Further, he/she even anyone can create all data e.g., words, images, etc. Andrew mentions all data is essentially something fairly definite that affects you, or via which you affect the world and this can include everyday “natural” things. For an example, this Youtube short video explains it well – basically, she takes a photo everyday around for 5.5 years and create all the images that she has it as a data.

Not only words and images but also netbank data can tell you how much money you spent last night even last week (Wolf 2010). Data is much closer to us than we think. For me, I use an application which reminds me how many days left until the event is coming e.g., exam or important day.

Furthermore, advanced technologies allow us to create the data using smartphone application, as well as gather it and finally distribute it. Diet program application called Evernote food is able to store all the information that you create such as what you have eaten (how many calories and intake you consume in order to help you to lose weight and try not to eat much). Additionally, Nike+ Running application is able to create the data how many kilometers you run and where you went through. Based on these data, you can change and figure it out what is the problem (Wolf 2010).

Moreover, the idea of self-tracking is not a new. Athletes use the data to improve their performance of all activities. Self-tracking is widely used because anytime and anywhere you can update your information with smart phone. In fact, self-tracking applications from iPhone or Android are becoming increasingly popular among people. For an example, you can share with other people to achieve your personal goal through SNS services such as Twitter and Facebook (Lehrer 2010).


Movie Moneyball, Auckland baseball team found excellent players based on data collection and analysis

This self-tracking program or application can be quantified with their physical and mental state. It also provides objective and accurate knowledge of the quantitative information about you. This accumulation of knowledge will provide insights about himself and his life where you cannot get from any book. These insights can be used to change themselves, even the not so obvious. Diagnose their own problems, and solutions that you can experiment with, rather than to follow blindly reading a book written by someone (Lehrer; Wolf 2010).


Sleep Time application, user can set the time and it will wake you up when your brain is awake therefore you can feel fresh and sleep well (this app can distinguish between REM sleep and non-REM sleep)

Here, big data is no longer created by experts rather it becomes more user-generated data. Anyone can create the data and analyze by themselves based on records. Importance of data changes and improves every day of our life.



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